Images in the Crystal Ball

house for sale -
on the curved chimney
a pair of storks                                                magdalena

wind brings the flutter
of hunderds carp streamers                             maria

when first buds appear
her belly kicks
stronger and stronger                                       gabriel

on the gloomy Monday
my Buddha still smiling                                  magda

during meditation
the thoughts flow
with the clouds                                                maria

a scarecrow's hands
reach the emptiness                                       magdalena

jumps on the surface
of an old pond                                                  gabriel

rising sun dims
the jack-o-lanterns                                           magda

with new love
a wedding ring mark
starts to disappear                                           magdalena

on their tin anniversary
the G-string among scalars                             maria

in between
only a kiss the cook
apron                                                                 gabriel

an apple pie smell recalls
memories about gradnma                              magdalena

atop the warm sand
a scarab
spreads its wings                                            magda

humming Bach I search
the Lyre on the sky                                        gabriel

making a pirouette
the ice dancer disappears
in whirling fog                                              magdalena

a fortune teller shuffles
images in the crystal ball                              maria

after the grand lottery
a draw ticket
among snowdrops                                        magdalena/maria

the gardener's dream
broken by a butterfly                                    magda


A Demikasen composed by members of HMR Facebook group. Started May 6th, 2015 and finished May 20th, 2015.

Magdalena Banaszkiewicz Krosno Odrz., Poland
Maria Tomczak Opole, Poland
Magda Sobieszek Opole, Poland
Gabriel Sawicki Wrocław, Poland (sabaki)

4:4 September 2015

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